Mark Free - Long Away From Love [1994]
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
“Long Away From Love” is one of the best releases in the history of melodic hard rock / Aor genre , and Mark Free is the Voice of Aor.
This release contains the original “Long Away From Love” , Live tracks from the Godz of Aor ’93 and bonus studio tracks.
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Genre: Melodic Hard Rock / AoR
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Mark Free: Vocals
Terence Elliot Dirk Price, Troy Dexter, Danny Jacob: Guitar
Tim Godwin, Pierre Gauthier, Tony Sciuto: Guitar
Tomie Reeves, Steve Hopkins: Keys, Bass, Drum Programming
Claude Gaudette, Robin Randall, Paul Markovich: Keys
Sylan Boulduc, Joel Hamilton: Bass
Roger Larocque: Drums
Paul Lewolt: Guitar, Bass
Erik Scott: Bass, Drum Programming
Joan Stone, Diana Dewitt: Backing Vocals

1.Someday You'll Come Running (Signal Cover)
2.Stranger Among Us
3.Coming Back For More
4.The Last Time
5.Hard Heart To Break
6.High Life
7.State Of Love
8.Slow Down The Night
9.Look Love In The Eyes
10.Never Be A Next Time
11.Long Way From Love

1.Someday You'll Come Running (Live)
2.State of Love (Live)
3.Stranger Among Us (Live)
4.The Last Time (Live)
5.Coming Back for More (Live)
6.Liar (Live)
7.Wake Up You Little Fool (Live)
8.Only the Strong Will Survive (Live)
9.Who Cries Now (Live)
10.Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) (Live)
11.In It For The Long Run
12.What Happened To Love
13.Never Could Call It Love
14.Smoke And Mirrors
15.Dyin' For Your Love
16.State Of Love (Duet With Diana Dewitt)
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Hi Andreas! this is Pilar ( )and I could not agree more to what you say about Marcie Free being the voice of AOR!


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Muito bom..!


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