Two Fires - Ignition [2001]
Thursday, March 8, 2007
“Ignition” is the second album of the Two Fires or Kevin Chalfant /Josh Ramos Two Fires project.
The cd follows the same style of the first cd , classic Aor sound in the vein of Journey.

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock / Aor
Country: UsA Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Kevin Chalfant: Vocals
Josh Ramos, Michael Gardner, Alby Odum: Guitar
Rick Powell, : Bass
Jeff Jacobs, Chuck Giacinto : Keys
Atma Anur, Kenny Aronoff:Drums

02.Somewhere Far Away
03.More Than A Mystery
04.You're Bringing Me Down
05.I'm Falling
06.I See Red
07.This Night
08.Man I Want To Be, The
09.I Will Remember You
10.What The Whole World Needs To Know
11. Rhythm Of The World (A Tribute To Gregg Rolie)
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