Michael Bormann - Conspiracy [2006]
Thursday, February 22, 2007
“Conspiracy” it’s the second solo album of Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart). Who is Michael Bormann? The answer is…., he’s one of the best and hottest European Voices in the Melodic Hard Rock.
“Conspiracy” is nothing else than a excellent melodic Hard Rock cd with clear production, brilliant melodies, and catchy songs and harmony vocals.
The music of the album is something between early Bon Jovi meets Jaded Heart (Michael is a songwritwer of the most cd’s of the band ).
One of the best releases of 2006.
Recommended !!!!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock / Aor
Country: Germany
Official Website: http://www.michaelbormannpage.de/

Michael Bormann: Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Bass
Ron Marcello, Andreas Rippelmeier: Guitars
Tommy Denader, Bobby Stocker: Guitars
Oliver Moller: Bass
Niklas Olsson, Erik Ragno, Chris Ivo, Marco Grabhoff: Keys
Guido Gallus, Per Helge “Peppa” Bruvoll: Drums

02.It΄s Only Physical
03.Stand Up
04.Two Of A Kind (Duet with Anette Blyckert of Alicon Avenue)
05.No Regrets
06.Devil΄s Son
07.Ain΄t Just A Bit
08.Living Just A Lie
09.Reaching Out
10.One Man One Soul
11.So This Could Be You
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