Jagged Edge Uk - Fuel For Your Soul [1991]
Monday, January 8, 2007
Jagged Edge U.K. is an excellent melodic rock band, who fit in perfectly alongside other long forgotten classy rockers such as Beggars & Thieves, Dirty White Boy and Baton Rouge.
Early incarnations of the band had a revolving door membership, with guitarist Myke Gray being the only mainstay. Demos were recorded, at different times, with a female vocalist and production by Neil Murray.
The classic line-up would form in 1989 with Gray, Matt Alfonzetti (Vocals, ex-Bam Bam Boys), Andy Robbins (Bass, ex-Tokyo Blade and Shogun) and Fabio Del Rio (Drums).
The band signed with Sanctuary management and a record deal with Polydor.
The debut Ep “Trouble” arrived in early 1990, but it would be the full-length Fuel For Your Soul that really showed what Jagged Edge U.K. was capable of.
The band would also tour behind Dickinson, as well as Thunder and David Lee Roth in 1990/91, but when the band was promptly dropped by Polydor and split apart soon after.

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock / AoR
Country: Uk
Official Website: ……….

Matti Alfonzetti: Vocals
Myke Gray: Guitar
Andy Robbins: Bass
Fabio Del Rio: Drums

02.Out In The Cold
03.You Don't Love Me
04.Hell Ain't A Long Way
05.Smooth Operator
06.Sweet Lorraine
07.Fuel For Your Soul
08.Law Of The Land
09.Loving You Too Long
10.All Thru The Night
11.Money Talking
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