Second Heat - Second Heat [2004]
Monday, January 1, 2007
Second Heat is a melodic hard rock band from Sweden.
The whole idea to start this band came almost ten years ago when Thomas and Niclas met for the first time.

Many bands came in between through the years such as Alyson Avenue.
It wasn't until Patrik and Niclas started to talk about a new band things, and then Second Heat got started in early 2004.

The idea first was to play hard rock in the vein of what Giant, Fair Warning and Firehouse.
When the song-writing started, it though turned out to be a little different.
It's still melodic hard rock but in it's own way.

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

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Band Line-Up
Thomas Bursell: Vocals
Patrik Svard: Guitar
Thomas Loyska: Bass
Niclas Olsson: Keyboards
Roger Landin: Drums

01.Anything But Love
02.Naked Flame
03.Never Surrender
04.Breath Of Gold
06.Deep Blue Sky
08.After You're Gone
09.Eyes Of Fire
10.What Am I Gonna Do
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