Steve Perry - For The Love Of Strange Medicine [1994]
Tuesday, May 8, 2007
“For The Love of Strange Medicine” is the second solo effort , of great and legendary Steve Perry, the lead vocalist of the golden era of Journey, and one of the best aor / rock voices ever. Recommended !!!!!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock / Aor
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Steve Perry: Vocals
Michael Landau, Lincoln Brewster: Guitar
Mike Porcaro, Phil Brown, Larry Kimpel: Bass
Tim Miner: Bass, Keyboards, Piano
Paul Taylor: Keys
Moyes Lucas: Drums

01.You Better Wait
02.Young Hearts Forever
03.I Am
04.Stand Up (Before It's Too Late)
05.For the Love of Strange Medicine
06.Donna Please
07.Listen to Your Heart
08.Tuesday Heartache
09.Missing You
10.Somewhere There's Hope
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At Tuesday, May 08, 2007 1:02:00 PM, Blogger Angel_In_Black



At Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:04:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

me encanta steve perry
es un maestro
gracias por todo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


At Saturday, December 15, 2007 8:58:00 PM, Blogger Anibal

:o....excelente album...justito ahora
estaba tratando de encontrar algo del gran steve!!!!!


At Monday, January 14, 2008 4:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous


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