Shark Island - Law Of The Order [1989]
Monday, May 7, 2007
“Law Of The Order ” is the second official release from the group of Shark Island. It’s a classic melodic hard rock from the golden era … with exceelnt vocals , catchy choruses and melodic hooks. In the vein of Billy Idol, Great White.

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
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Richard Black: Vocals
Spencer Sercombe: Guitar
Chris Heilmann: Bass
Greg Ellis: Drums

01.Paris Calling
02.Shake for Me
03.Somebody's Falling
04.Bad For Each Other
05.Passion to Ashes
07.Get Some Strange
08.Why Should I Believe
09.Ready Or Not
10.The Chain (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
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Senha incorreta


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??????? , the passwrd is in the commends , and actually if you look the previous comment , you will see it ...


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thx, great album

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