Steve Negus - Dare To Dream [2007]
Monday, December 3, 2007
Always, I believed , Canada is a homeland of Melodic Rock / Prog Rock / Pomp Aor genre and the quality of the groups / artists, it’s remarkable ( Loverboy, Allanah Myles,Heart, Total Stranger Refugee, Saga)
So, as you understand, I felt very glad and lucky because of the opportunity I had to hear this cd.

First of all, “Dare To Dream” is the solo effort (project) of Steve Negus , who has been for many years (almost 20) the man behind the drums of Canadian, multi-platinum selling, Prog Rock band Saga. Steve has also played with Chris De Burgh, Rupert Hine and was part of GNP (Gilmour Negus Project).

I don’t want to analyse every song , I think it isn’t fair cause it will miss the magic and the feeling of the music , of course I can’t talk for the musicians and their abilities , cause all of them are veterans.

“Dare to Dream” has it all. Excellent songs , great melodic choruses , great guitars from Mark Severn (R.I.P.), excellent vocals from Al Langlade (ex – Total Stranger) , clear and powerful production. The cd is moving in Prog Rock / Melodic Rock / Pomp Aor genre , and I could say …. The whole style reminds me, Saga Meets Loverboy and Toto (Tambu era).

At the end. My opinion is…. this cd is Recommended for every fan of this genre !!!!!!!!!

P.S. You can Buy the cd from Cyclone Records

Genre: Melodic Rock / Prog Rock / Pomp Aor
Country: Canada Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Official Website:
MySpace Site:
Label: Cyclone Records

Line Up
Steve Negus: Drums
Al Langlade: Lead Vocals
Mark Severn: Guitar
Jim Gilmour: Keys

01. Lust **
02. Catch My Fall **
03. Dare To Dream **
04. Nightmare
05. I Rest My Case
06. No Heaven, No Hell **
07. As I Am
08. One Man’s Army
09. Body And Soul
10. Satellites
11. Epitaph For Mark

** Best Tracks
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