Heaven's Edge - Heaven's Edge [1990]
Sunday, September 30, 2007
“Heaven’s Edge” is the first release from Philadelphia hard rockers Heavens Edge.

With this cd the band has all the right elements to be huge… but unfortunately this effort released too late, when Grunge start to rule the other side of Atlantic Ocean.

The Cd has, everything, excellent and catchy songs, great guitars, excellent backing vocals, In the vein of Warrnat, Old Bon Jovi, and Hurricane.
After this release the group split up in 1992 and reunite in 1998, they released another one cd titled “Some Other Place/Some Other Time” in 1999 under MtM label.

In 2001 begun working for a new album.. but since then we don't have informations or any other news.

If you find a cd copy … buy it. !!!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Country: UsA Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Official Website: …………………….
MySpace Site: www.myspace.com/heavensedgefans (Fan Site)
Label: Columbia.

Line Up
Mark Evans: Vocals
Reggie Wu: Guitar, Keys
Steven Perry: Guitar
G. G. Guidotti: Bass
David Rath: Drums, Percussion

01. Intro
02. Play Dirty
03. Skin To Skin **
04. Find Another Way **
05. Up Against The Wall
06. Hold On To Tonight **
07. Can't Catch Me
08. Bad Reputation **
09. Daddy's Little Girl **
10. Is That All You Want?
11. Come Play The Game **
12. Don't Stop, Don't Go

** Best Tracks
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Lost Johnny - Hidden Measures... And 1/2 Truths [1995]
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Before a month , I received an email from the singer of the band Lost Johnny, about their cd released back in 1995.
“Hidden Measures... And 1/2 Truths” is the first and only release from Lost Johnny a band from Canada.

This release has everythin’, very good and clear production (for an indie records) amazing songs , brilliant vocals by Howie Turner, great guitars , choruses and backing vocals, in the vein of Whitensake, Danger Danger an Babylon Ad.

For the end, if this cd had been released 5 years before we would be talking for a successful debut.
If you find a cd copy … buy it. !!!!!

PS. Thnx to Howie Turner.

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Country: Canada Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Official Website: …………………….
Label: Little Wired Records Inc.

Line Up
Howie Turner: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mario Spadafora: Guitar
Gary Chappell: Keys
Al Morley: Bass
Mykul Abdallah: Drums

01.Dollar Marie **
02.Too Much, Too Soon **
03.Say Your Goodbyes
04.Rescue Me
05.Blackrock **
06.Long Way **
07.Back From Desire **
08.Kiss Me Where It Hurts **
09.D Dance (Frankensong) **
10.Wishing On A Star
11.Feels So Good (Can't Go On) **
12.F Tune (Choose Your Words Sweet)
13.Can't Say It's Over
14. ? (Hidden Track)

** Best Tracks
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