RedRum Live @ RockWave Festival Greece 29 June 2007 (Review)
Friday, July 13, 2007
Friday 29/06/2007 , the day that Rockwave Festival begun and ended, maybe it was the shortest festival ever done.

It may sounds a little excessive but in my opinion it is totally true. What if 10 more groups followed the next days?
They didn’t touch me at all…except Metallica of course, who were the only exception and they typically closed the Festival.

So I will make a review to Redrum
Redrum were added to the first day’s billing at the last time, and the result?
Anyone or almost anyone knew anything at all about it.

So while people were not over 1500-2000 at about 17:40 Redrum appeared on stage and within the half hour that they had in their disposal, having an astonishing Michael Bormman on vocals and a great Lyssa on guitars, without the rest members falling short in output and scenic presence, they managed to rouse people who clapped them warmly because of the great Hard Rock that they played, proving to all that they have nothing to jealous from the other famous bands of melodic hard rock genre and that they have all the qualifications for international career.

For the history the set list was:

01. Rise Up
02. Judgement Day
03. Too Good To Be True
04. Thursty For Love
05. Easy Lover (Phil Collins / Phil Bailey Cover)

For the end I have a warning for all of you ……Get Ready For The Judgment Day !!!

You can visit the myspace site of Redrum

PS. This review written by me and also released from Greek weekly newspaper "Stampa" . if you are greek , you can read the article .
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