D.A.D. - The early Years [2000]
Saturday, April 21, 2007
“The Early Years” is a compilation from the denmark rockers D.A.D. (Disneyland After Dark).
Actualy the Cd01 include the first two releases of the group “Call Of The Wild” & “Draws A Circle”, Cd02 include the first cd single “Standin' On the Never Never” and different versions of some tracks.

Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Denmark Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Official Website: http://www.d-a-d.dk/

Jesper Binzer: Vocals, Guitar
Jacob A. Binzer: Guitar
Stig Pederson: Bass
Peter L. Jensen: Drums

01.Land Of Their Choice
02.Call Of The Wild
03.Riding With Sue
04.Marlboro Man
05.Counting The Cattle
06.Jackie O
08.Rock River
10.Son Of A Gun
11.It's After Dark
12.Isn't That Wild
13.A Horse With No Name
14.Mighty Highty High
15.I Won't Cut My Hair
16.Black Crickets
17.There's A Ship
18.God's Favorite
19.10 Knots
20.Ride My Train
21.Rather Live Than Die

01.Up, Up Over The Mountain Top
02.Marlboro Man
03.Never Never (Indian Love)
04.Ride My Train (2000 Remix)
05.It's After Dark (Video Version)
06.Trucker (2000 Remix Single Version / Radio Edit)
07.Trucker (2000 Remix Club Version)
08.Trucker (1987 New York Remix)
09.Trucker (1987 Jab Dub)
10.There's A Ship (The 1987 Megamix)
11.Rin Tin Tin (Demo)
12.It's A Sad Sad X-mas (Single Version)
13.The Danish Radio 1987/88 New Year's Jingle 1: "The Party"
14.The Danish Radio 1987/88 New Year's Jingle 2: "From Us To You"
15.The Danish Radio 1987/88 New Year's Jingle 3: "Fireworks"
16.Land Of Their Choice (live 1985)
17.Radio Voice Interview: "The Whopper End"
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