West Of Sunset - West Of Sunset [1990]
Saturday, March 31, 2007
‘West Of Sunset” is the first and only cd (I think)of the Swedish group. The music style of the cd is melodic rock /Aor , with excellent songs and choruses …. In the vein of Roxette

Genre: Melodic Rock / Aor
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Bjorn Strom: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Thomas Axelsson: Bass, Guitar
Anders Hansson, Lars Wellander, Patrick Lindell: Guitars
Henrik Hansson, Jan Oldeus, Torbjorn Stener: Guitar
Kjell Ohman, Jorgen Ingestrom, Anders Hansson: Keys
Joan Franzon, Per Lindvall: Drums
Anders Hansson: Drums Programming

01.Giving My Heart Away
02.West of Sunset
03.Ocean Boulevard
04.Now You´re Gone
05.Gimme Your Love
06.Time Is All We Need
07.Gotta Have It All
08.I Just Wanna Hold You
09.Homeward Bound
10.Taking A Chance
11.Before I Trust My Heart
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